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Foro Moda Ética Latinoamérica, since 2008 is an open interdisciplinary collaboration platform that actively collaborates in creating knowledge and tools for systemic change around the inclusion of SDGs in the textile and fashion industry.

It is a project of the NGO "Hecho x Nosotros", in 2008 was born as a pioneering movement in the creation of sustainability concepts in fashion, in a form of collaborative work to generate a change in social and environmental standards. We work with international and academic organizations sharing information and practical experiences to generate firm bases in relation to this, it seems fundamental to us to achieve a structural change to promote a more conscious consumption and to lay bases for the growth of the industry creating trainers. 


Today's world market has enormous potential in terms of sustainability but Latin America is not yet organized so that good working practices, the richness of natural fibers, ancestral arts and local companies based on holistic systems that inhabit the region, enjoy the tools of meeting with the market. Our challenge is to promote collaborative networks along with technological tools that allow the transparency of production chains with the consumer. In short, the aim of our work is for Latin America to be a living and real alternative solution to the problems of the textile and fashion industry.


We are researching and applying Blockchain technology to move towards a transparent market, creating the necessary information and knowledge networks. The virtual platform is a tool that will take a big step forward in terms of traceability and transparency in the industry. We will provide users with information on the origin and process of each product, preventing the manipulation of data on quality and certifications. It is extremely important that the general public can access a company's operations and know whether it complies with ethical and environmental standards in its practice.


Our vision of systemic transformation for Latin America and networking with actors in the region enabled us to be chosen as one of the 20 benchmarks of sustainability in the fashion industry in the program "TEJIENDO EL CAMBIO" (C&A Foundation and ASHOKA), access to business consultants, support from academics, sustainability experts and numerous universities around the world, we network with ¨Empresas B¨, ITC, UNCTAD and the UN, and other international organizations.


Adriana Marina, as founder of "animaná y Hecho x Nosotros", leads an academic network of collaboration with young professionals from all over the world. This continuous work immersed in knowledge networks allows us to give visibility and greater importance to the potential of Latin America in the world.

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Registered NGO with ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations.

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